The 2007 Sparkleball Project
Revised in 2008


A Completed Sparkleball
Made from Red and Green Minilights
And Souffle Cups Melted Together

We gather ideas for new display items all the time, and this one seemed like a great project for Brandon and I.   And, as a bonus, it doesn't take too much time to complete. The Sparkleball!!!   The basic design of this decoration is outlined on the Sparkleball website. Each Sparkleball consists of 50 cups that are melted together with a soldering iron. There are two halves consisting of 25 cups each, and then they are put together to form one round ball after the lights are inserted.   The lights fit through holes melted into the bottom of the cups.

Sparkleball Closeup

A Closeup of Various Sparkleballs
Red & Green and Blue & Clear

You can make this decoration with various sizes of cups. The ones pictured were made with 4 ounce souffle cups from local retailer Smart & Final. They are translucent and tend to hide the internal wiring. There are some larger clear cups available that can also be used, but they can crack easily and the clear cups allows the internal Sparkleball wiring to be seen and that can be a distraction. The design is easily modified if you have other preferred materials. The final product is only limited by your imagination and the time you're willing to put into the construction.

We built two types of Sparkleballs for the 2007 display; the first design has both Blue and Clear lights that can be lit separately. The second Sparkleball design has both Red and Green lights inside. The balls will be hanging together and will provide a sparkle of animation when connected to our Light-o-Rama controllers. Much better than similiar "sphere" decorations from the store.   It's all part of the Belardo Lights experience!

Sparkleball with Brandon

Brandon posing with our Sparkleball Collection

Video of Red & Green Sparkleball Animated to Music